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The Platinum Package.. 
Only the best for you! OR 
You need to get rid of some Sellotape!!
Either way, amazing choice.... 
In Fact, the best choice for a regular style of clean there is!!
But before you hit the big ORANGE button let us tell you more facts about the best package there is..... and what you should be expecting from us.....

You see, Complete transparency is not only in the windows we clean but also 
with the service we provide!!
Let me tell you more and lets start with this short video.... 

the quote takes less than 3 minutes as there are only 6 questions...

We are that confident we
even have timers!!
Can you mix and Match the packages?
100% YES!!!!
We have designed these packages around you.  You can tailor our packages to fit within your cleaning requirements... 

For Example:

Do you want to start off with The Family Specialist, then knock it down to a Silver for 5 months........ then have a Platinum 6 months later? 


You let us know your requirements and we will make them come true!!!

Is the Platinum Package just right for your business?
This clean is aimed at two client types. 

1. Those that either wish to have a more thorough clean on a less frequent basis 
(Quarterly to 6 Monthly Basis)

2. Those that need their windows to impress or have a problem with Blu Tack and Sellotape..

We all know that first impressions count. 

This service will do just that.

Using the pure water fed pole system on the windows means that you will get both windows and frames washed and then rinsed off every clean. 

However, with this clean, the ground floor windows externally, will have an extra bit of TLC as these will be washed by traditional methods. 

Your offices or place of work needs to make an amazing first impression. We know that all too well!!

As a company you spend hundreds if not thousands on marketing and advertising to attract the right customers, if they come to visit your place of work creating the right image is fundamentally important, the right first impression is the most important one. Don’t be let down by dirty windows …
  • The day arrives and in walks your client.. 
  • You greet them at the door... 
  • You have moments to make that all important first impression....... 
  • Your client sits down in the meeting room and 
  •  Your client looks out the window......
  •  Your client has been lost in a haze of mist and dirt on the window.....
Now you may not necessarily lose that client but......

They may look at your dirty windows, think that you are struggling financial and negotiate harder or just don't pay attention to detail... 

You see, the small things really do matter....
What can I expect from your staff?
Yes, this is the Mount Everest of the window cleaning world... 

You see, Our company GUARANTEE is to not leave your site until you are completely 100% HAPPY with the work we’ve carried out and that the completed job is in line with the specifications of the package you ordered.


The staff will carry out the following.......... And in this order!!
  • Turn up on the date and time that was specified through our office staff when booking the work in.
  •  Report to reception and Sign in with you,  
  •  Discuss with you any special instructions for our visit that you may have.   
  •  Pick up the tools and set to work,   
  •  Complete the works,  
  •  Communicate to you how the clean went,    
  •  Give you the opportunity to walk around and inspect the works with them.   
  •  Ask you to sign to confirm that the works were completed to a satisfactory standard.   
  •  Pack up tools,  
  •  Sign out from site.  
  •  Leave site knowing that Expectations have been Exceeded. 
Lets just recap....
  • EXTERNALLY - To clean the windows externally we will use a combination of both our pure water fed pole systems to the first floor windows and above and traditional methods to all ground floor windows.
  •  EXTERNALLY - All window frames will be cleaned to remove cobwebs and dust only using either extendable poles and dusters or our pure water fed pole system. 
  •  INTERNALLY - All windows will be cleaned, internally, using traditional methods and any specialist access equipment required to complete the job in hand. 
  •  INTERNALLY - Wiping away of the window cleaning water marks. 
  • ALL IS INCLUDED... As you are on our platinum page!!
Do you want all of your windows cleaned externally, by hand, rather than with our Pure Water Fed Pole System?
THE FAMILY SPECIALIST may be the one for you?
Click Below to find out more about our Family Specialist Package..